Survey could help stem suicide in Mohave County

January 30, 2019

According to the Havasu Community Health Foundation, treatment options are limited for residents at risk for suicide. That could change, however, thanks to a new county survey.

Lake Havasu City healthcare agencies are answering a county survey this week that could improve collaborative efforts in suicide prevention. The Mohave County Department of Health compiled a survey this month, which has been distributed to suicide prevention agencies throughout the county. According to the Mohave County Public Health Special Programs Analyst Jeannie Bowen, the survey will be used to determine what resources may be available in Mohave County for preventing suicides.

“The survey came to us to be reviewed, and determine what needs there are in Havasu,” said Havasu Community Health Foundation Executive Director Linda Seaver. “We don’t have many licensed psychologists here. With the exception of Mohave Behavioral Health and Southwest Behavioral Health, we only have one.”

Suicide rates are high in Lake Havasu City, as well as Mohave County as a whole, Seaver said. According to county health officials, there were 68 suicide-related deaths in Mohave County and about 1,400 suicide deaths statewide in 2017.

This year’s survey is an attempt to gather information, assess needs and provide resources to stem suicide rates throughout the county. Nonprofit organizations like the Havasu Community Health Foundation, as well as first responders, school officials and public and private service providers have been asked to complete the survey. Information will be used to aid coordination of service efforts throughout the county.

In Lake Havasu City, coordination could be a key component in preventing suicide, according to Seaver.

“What we want to do is organize a team of all the different organizations in Havasu,” Seaver said. “What kind of counseling can we provide to people who are thinking of suicide? Or to their families? The pain doesn’t stop with suicide … that’s where it begins. The county is trying to get a good audit on what we need, what’s available, so that people can get help.”

The Havasu Community Health Foundation provides initiatives to aid survivors of suicide loss, and those at risk, through the organization’s #YOUmatter program. For more information, contact the Health Foundation at 928-453-8190.

Havasu residents in crisis can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Arizona also offers a mobile crisis intervention center in Mohave County, headquartered in Kingman, through Terros Health. Residents at risk for suicide can call 877-756-4090 to speak with a crisis operator.

The Havasu Community Health Foundation is planning an effort to obtain a mobile unit of Terros professionals in Lake Havasu City, Seaver said.

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