Pellet gun blamed for 2 hurt on Main

August 17, 2018

Fort Wayne police believe someone fired a pellet gun from a downtown apartment high-rise, hitting two people on or near Main Street in separate incidents during the past week.

Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, a man standing outside Henry’s bar fell after he was hit in the head. Police found a metal piece resembling a pellet near the scene, according to a police report.

On Aug. 9, a pellet struck a woman around 6 p.m. in front of the SCAN office at West Main and Fairfield Avenue. Police found her bleeding heavily from the bridge area of her nose and inside her nose. She was taken to the hospital by her sister.

According to the police report, police believe a pellet gun was used in both shootings and was fired from the north side of West Berry Apartments on Berry Street near Fulton Street, about a block south of where the victims were struck.

The man’s co-worker said she heard a whizzing sound and then an impact near her. After the second whizzing sound, she saw her co-worker fall quickly to the ground, bleeding from the head, the police report said.

She and others rushed the victim to the hospital a block away, where police were called about a possible shooting victim. Police observed an apparent pellet wound that pierced the skin but not the bone and did not hit the eye.

The victim told authorities he thought he’d been hit with a baseball bat.

Witnesses reported seeing juveniles on the 10th floor of the apartment high-rise and believed the juveniles were related to the shooting, the report said.

A friend with the victim at Henry’s said after the victim was hit, he turned around and saw what appeared to be two young males in the top left window on the north side of the apartments. The young men closed the window soon after they were spotted, the friend told police.

Henry’s employees also reported seeing the two juveniles in that location and noted that while they were working, they heard the window being hit but thought it must have been “us hearing things or the heat,” the police report quoted them as saying.

Additionally, employees at Henry’s reported bullet hole vandalism to glass windows on the south exterior of the building. A manager told police that over the past several days, workers had been noticing several holes in their glass that appeared to be consistent with “BB holes.”

Fort Wayne police Sgt. Jim Seay said pellets are typically made of lead and cone-shaped. BBs, he said, are made of copper or brass and round in shape. Both can be very dangerous, he said.

Just before police left the scene Tuesday, Eric Fisher, the owner of the West Berry Apartments, arrived on bicycle to talk to police. Fisher, president of Midtowne Realty Inc., said he had the keys to the apartment in question, according to the report.

The officers and Fisher took the elevator together to the 10th floor apartment to investigate and found it empty. Fisher checked his records at his on-site office and found that the tenant has a 13-year-old male guest registered, according to the report.

Seay said Thursday a detective has been assigned to the case and Fisher told The Journal Gazette he is setting up a meeting with a “suspect.”

Fisher said his company “is very careful with tenants. We run background checks on tenants and occupants.” He added he is very concerned about the incident.

Midtowne Realty has 32 cameras set up on the premises, and employees checked those cameras to see whether anyone was seen leaving the premises around that time. Further investigation on surveillance video is taking place, he added.


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