O Christmas tree: Harrison looking for tree donation for annual celebration

September 1, 2018

This was the Christmas tree at Harrison’s celebration in 2017. The township is now looking for someone to donate a tree for this year’s event, planned for Saturday, Dec. 1.

It might be August, but Harrison is already looking for a Christmas tree.

But when you want one that’s at least 40 feet tall, it may be prudent to start early.

The township is looking for someone to donate a pine tree for the township’s Christmas celebration, which will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1, this year.

This will be the third year for the renewed event, which also includes a parade, Commissioner Chuck Dizard said.

The tree will go up at the Our Lady of The MostBlessed Sacrament soccer field off of Broadview Boulevard and Montana Avenue.

A tree can be donated from anywhere, not just within Harrison, but Dizard said it should be where it can be reached by heavy equipment. Beaver Jack Tree Service will cut down the tree at no cost to the donor, Dizard said.

It will get installed around Thanksgiving.

Last year’s tree was 40 feet tall, which is why the township wants one at least that big this year.

“The spirit of the people here is, we can’t have a smaller tree than we had last year,” Dizard said.

Dizard said the township has a lead on a possible tree. It’s about 60 feet tall, but has to be checked to see if it’s viable to be used.

If there are multiple donation offers, Dizard said some could be kept on file for future years.

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