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Malaysia Performs Autopsy on Tiger

June 28, 1998

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) _ An autopsy of a man-eating tiger indicated the animal was driven to attack humans after repeated wounds from illegal hunters left it unable to hunt in the wild, news reports said Sunday.

Mohamad Faud Sharif, of the Wildlife and National Parks Department, said the tiger, which mauled two men to death earlier this month, could no longer prey on wild animals due to a shattered front leg and more than 16 gunshot wounds that covered its body.

``This incident shows us that indiscriminate shooting of wild animals by hunters can endanger the lives of villagers living on the jungle fringes,″ Mohamad Faud was quoted as saying in Sunday’s New Straits Times.

The tiger, known as Father Stripes, was shot by game rangers Friday after it had killed two men in villages near the town of Sungei Siput, about 90 miles north of Kuala Lumpur. The animal weighed 310 pounds and was about 25 years old.

Meanwhile, there were fears of more tiger attacks in Hulu Dungun in the northeastern state of Terengganu.

The Terengganu Forestry Department said a pack of six tigers had killed 15 farm cows in the past three weeks, and villagers were living in fear.

Game workers were sent to trap the tigers, the government news agency Bernama reported.

The Malayan tiger has been classified by the World Wildlife Fund as an endangered species. Hunting of the animal has been banned since 1972.

The Malaysian government estimates only 500 tigers are still alive, down from 5,000 in 1952.

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