A wonderful addition: Vladem Contemporary

May 28, 2019

I have been in business in Santa Fe with Century Bank for 35 years. I have been involved with numerous nonprofits, including the Santa Fe Arts Commission, Tierra Contenta Corp., Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, the Wheelwright Museum, among others. These views are my own.

The Vladem Contemporary art museum design offers a great transition between the historic district and the Railyard and is a wonderful addition with the contemporary galleries in the area and Site Santa Fe (“Museum plan gets mixed H-board reaction,” May 10). The architectural and economic renewal of that area, in my opinion, is outstanding and should be publicly acclaimed. I believe the proposed museum will be a very effective economic engine in our town that is tastefully considered and architecturally in step with the changes in the area.

Bryan “Chip” Chippeaux

chairman of the board

Century Bank

House not forgotten

Kudos to the Santa Fe New Mexican for Paul Weideman’s story (“ ‘It just needs a little love,’ ” May 12). As a volunteer and tour guide at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, I have learned so much about New Mexico’s history and how Spanish colonists helped shape it. I applaud the efforts to renovate the Pino Ranch House. My one disappointment was the placement of this wonderful article in the Real Estate section. More people should see it.

Susan Maslar

Santa Fe

Constitution not the issue

For some time, I have been hearing and reading a great deal of criticism about the United States Constitution. Some have said that it is too vague and should be revised, and others have said that it is outdated and should be completely rewritten. This criticism is not new.

Ever since the Constitution was introduced, it has been attacked, studied, analyzed and critiqued. Even Thomas Jefferson did not like it because it gave too much power to the central government, but then, his judgment was clouded by his resentment that he had not been asked to write it. James Madison wrote the Constitution in broad terms in order to give it flexibility for future generations. Also, he devised a system of checks and balances so that no one branch of government would have more power than the other branches, a remarkable achievement in compromise.

Unfortunately, at present, the Constitution is being undermined by the very government it established. Instead of changing the Constitution, we should change the hearts and minds of the people who swore to support and defend it.

G. Gideon Rojas, MNL

Santa Fe

Returning to Willmar

I read Thomas Friedman’s column (“President Trump, please visit Willmar,” Commentary, May 17) with great interest, having grown up in Willmar, Minn. I was in Willmar a couple years ago and did not recognize it; downtown was no longer as I remembered it, but then I left after graduating high school in 1964. I have been aware that Somali immigrants had settled in Willmar but was not aware of the numerous other nationalities in town. During my senior year, we had an exchange student from Africa, who suited up for a football game as the kicker and, of course, kicked soccer-style. We had no clue as to what “football” was to the rest of the world. The Kaffe Fest and turkey parade during Turkey Days have probably been replaced by numerous ethnic celebrations. Willmar’s previous claims to fame were the Jennie-O poultry plant and astronaut George “Pinky” Nelson.

Dean Johnson

Santa Fe

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