Kneeling During National Anthem Disrespectful

October 9, 2018

Editor: In regard to the epidemic of kneeling during the performing of the national anthem, If anyone has an issue with social injustice then he/she should put together a plan to remedy the issue. That is what our flag stands for. It stands for our right to stand up for our causes, not to kneel and whine and complain. The individuals who think they can do almost anything to cause noise and unrest just because they are in the limelight should think again. Their actions are not fixing what is broken. The act of kneeling during the National Anthem is not only showing disrespect for a symbol of our great nation, but it is an act of disrespect toward those who fought and died to allow us to live in this great land and to enjoy the freedom to express our thoughts and concerns. This act merely intensifies the disgust, disappointment and discouragement that is felt. Nothing is gained by the negative. Ever since the first act of kneeling during our National Anthem, what social injustices have been corrected? None as far as I’ve seen. Those who have been doing nothing more than causing a scene should put plans in place and utilize their resources to correct the injustices that they are so passionate about. Put your money to work, and get involved in devising programs and practices that will encourage individuals to behave in ways that are not questionable and destructive. Help the needy to become less dependent. Help to educate and equip individuals who are in need of direction in their life. Be a positive role model to others inspiring them to be self-sufficient and productive human beings. Use your means of success to mend the festering wounds crying out for healing. Stand up and step up. Rosa Khalife-McCracken WEST PITTSTON

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