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BC-AP News Digest 2:20 pm

March 15, 2019

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NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING _ At least 49 people are killed in mass shootings at two mosques full of worshippers attending Friday prayers in an attack broadcast in horrifying, live video by an immigrant-hating white nationalist wielding at least two assault rifles and a shotgun. One man has been arrested and charged with murder, and two other armed suspects have been taken into custody. By Nick Perry and Mark Baker. SENT: 1,200 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Developing. WITH: NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING VICTIMS _ Initial reports indicate that several of those killed or wounded in the shooting rampage at two New Zealand mosques were from the Middle East or South Asia. UPCOMING: 400 words, photos by 4 p.m. NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING-GUNMAN _ The gunman behind at least one of the mosque shootings in New Zealand that left 49 people dead tried to make a few things clear in a manifesto he wrote: He is a 28-year-old Australian white nationalist who hates immigrants. He was angry about attacks in Europe that were perpetrated by Muslims. He wanted revenge, and he wanted to create fear. By Kristen Gelineau. SENT: 1,020 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing; NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING-WORLD REACTION _ World leaders express condolences and condemnation. SENT: 870 words, photos. (See separate section below for more coverage of the mosque shootings).

TRUMP-BORDER SECURITY _ President Donald Trump is poised to issue the first veto of his presidency following a stunning rebuke in which a dozen defecting Republicans joined Senate Democrats to block the national emergency he declared to get more money for his southern border wall. By Zeke Miller and Jill Colvin. SENT: 1,000 words. UPCOMING: Will be updated from 3:30 p.m. Trump White House remarks.

UNITED STATES-NORTH KOREA _ Amid new tension between the two countries, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. expects North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to live up to his promise to President Donald Trump to continue his moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests. A senior North Korean official said earlier Friday in Pyongyang that Kim will soon decide if he wants to continue diplomatic talks and the moratorium. By Deb Riechmann. SENT: 550 words, photos, video.

CLIMATE-STUDENT PROTESTS _ From the South Pacific to the edge of the Arctic Circle, students are skipping classes to protest what they see as the failures of their governments to take tough action against global warming. By Frank Jordans and Seth Borenstein. SENT: 1,000 words, photos. Developing.

MEXICO-ASYLUM _ Juan Carlos Perla says he spent his first night in the U.S. in a cold immigration cell with 21 others at the nation’s busiest border crossing. Fluorescent lights were always on in the basement holding area. Space was so tight that he laid his sleeping mat next to a toilet. The 36-year-old from El Salvador soon reunited with his family and returned to Tijuana, Mexico, to await asylum hearings in San Diego. They were one of the first families to contend with a radical U.S. policy shift. By Elliot Spagat. SENT: 1,100 words, photos.

SHIPWRECK BEER _ An ale introduced at a New York beer festival this month comes with an intriguing backstory _ brewed from yeast in beer that went down on a doomed steamship and languished on the ocean floor for 131 years. SENT: 590 words, video, photos.




NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING-TRUMP _ President Donald Trump sends condolences to the victims of the New Zealand mosque massacre and the White House denounces a “vicious act of hate.” The gunman left behind a manifesto citing Trump as a “symbol of renewed white identity,” a connection the White House denounced as “outrageous.” SENT: 600 words. UPCOMING: 800 words by 4 p.m., photos, video.

NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTINGS-SOCIAL MEDIA _ Internet companies scramble to remove graphic video filmed by a gunman in the New Zealand mosque shootings that was widely available on social media for hours after the horrific attacks. The furor highlights once again the speed at which disturbing content from a tragedy can spread around the world and how Silicon Valley tech giants are still grappling with how to prevent that from happening. UPCOMING: 900 words, photos by 3 p.m. 

NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING-ICONOGRAPHY OF ATTACK _ The self-proclaimed racist who attacked a New Zealand mosque during Friday prayers in an assault that killed 49 people used rifles covered in white-supremacist graffiti and listened to a song glorifying a Bosnian Serb war criminal. SENT: 600 words, photos.

NEW ZEALAND-GUN LAWS _ There are an estimated 1.2 million guns in New Zealand _ roughly one for every four New Zealanders. While that pales in comparison to the United States, the tiny country distinguishes itself as one of the most gun-friendly countries in the world. Still, gun violence there is rare. By Lisa Marie Pane. UPCOMING: 800 words, photos by 5 p.m. 

NEW ZEALAND-MOSQUE SHOOTING-BANGLADESH TEAM _ Members of the Bangladesh cricket team arrived by bus at Masjid Al Noor mosque for Friday prayers when they heard gunshots. Had they arrived a few minutes earlier they would have been inside the mosque. SENT: 490 words, photos.

HOUSES-OF-WORSHIP-ATTACKS _ Houses of worship around the world, a place of reflection and peace, have been targeted for attack by extremists. Here are some of the deadly assaults over the last decade. SENT: 870 words.

NEW ZEALAND-BREIVIK _ The manifesto that the presumed New Zealand shooter published is shorter and “more sloppy” than the one written by a Norwegian right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in 2011, but expresses similar sentiments, a Swedish terror expert says. SENT: 280 words, photo.




BROWNS-HUNT SUSPENDED _ The NFL suspends Browns running back Kareem Hunt for eight games after a video showed him kicking a woman, in addition to his involvement in a fight at a resort. SENT: 430 words, photo.

EL CHAPO-PROSECUTION _ Newly unsealed documents from the U.S. trial of the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo detail efforts by prosecutors to keep out evidence damaging to their witnesses. SENT: 130 words. Developing.

PELICAN TACKLED-FLORIDA _ A Maryland man seen tackling a federally protected pelican on video has been arrested on animal cruelty charges out of Florida. SENT: 150 words, photo.

WATCHDOG GROUP-FIRING _ Allegations that led to the firing of the founder of a liberal group best known for monitoring hate organizations are only the latest trouble for the multimillion-dollar nonprofit. SENT: 750 words, photo.

PEOPLE-KELLI O’HARA _ How Kelli O’Hara honors her late friend Marin Mazzie onstage every night. SENT: 130 words, photos.




UNITED STATES-INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT _ The United States will revoke or deny visas to International Criminal Court personnel who attempt to investigate or prosecute alleged abuses committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan or elsewhere, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday. By Diplomatic Writer Matthew Lee. SENT: 750 words, photos, video. SENT: 860 words, photos, video.

TRUMP-RUSSIA-PROBE _ Former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates is not ready to be sentenced because he’s continuing to cooperate with “several ongoing investigations.” That’s according to a new court filing in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. SENT: 440 words, photo.

ELECTION 2020-AMY KLOBUCHAR _ Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is going all in on Iowa, relying on her Midwest credentials to give her an edge in the caucuses. She visits the state this weekend for the third time since launching her campaign. SENT: 720 words, photos.

ELECTION 2020-KAMALA HARRIS _ Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris says there should be a federal moratorium on executions. SENT: 320 words, photo.

ELECTION 2020-BERNIE SANDERS _ Bernie Sanders gets stitches after run-in with glass shower door. SENT: 120 words, photos.

SAGE GROUSE-ENERGY LEASES _ Trump administration finalizes changes to sweeping federal land use plans for Western States to ease energy industry restrictions in a way officials say will protect a struggling bird species. SENT: 680 words, photo.




ISRAEL-GAZA _ Israeli warplanes struck some 100 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a rare rocket attack on the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv. The cross-border fighting appeared to be winding down amid reports of an Egyptian-brokered truce and Israeli media saying a misfire was believed to have triggered the exchange. By Josef Federman and Fares Akram. SENT: 790 words, photos. With ISRAEL-GAZA-THE LATEST.

SYRIA _ U.S.-backed Syrian forces’ push to defeat the Islamic State group in its last, tiny bastion in Syria is slowed by the presence of civilians and scores of prisoners held by the extremists, officials say. SENT: 350 words, photos.

BREXIT _ British Prime Minister Theresa May works to pull off an against-the-odds rescue for her European Union divorce deal, after Parliament voted to postpone Brexit to avert a chaotic U.K. departure in two weeks. SENT: 720 words, photos.

ETHIOPIA-PLANE CRASH _ The pilot of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed requested permission “in a panicky voice” to return to the airport shortly after takeoff, The New York Times reports, as the airline said the investigation into the flight recorders had begun. SENT: 760 words, video, photo.




COLLEGE ADMISSIONS-BRIBERY-ETHICS _ The college-admissions bribery scheme revealed this week by federal prosecutors coincides with increasing cynicism about U.S. moral values. Ethics experts say Americans are barraged with accounts of corruption, greed and amoral behavior to the point that many likely wonder, “Why should I play by the rules?” By National Writer David Crary. SENT: 840 words, photos.

HUD OFFICIAL-PUBLIC HOUSING STAYS _ The federal official who appeared at Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony to counter Cohen’s assertion that President Donald Trump is a racist has spent the past month bunking with tenants in New York City public housing complexes. Housing official Lynne Patton says she wanted to shine a spotlight on public housing ills such as mold and heat and hot water outages by spending a week at a time in four different complexes run by the New York City Housing Authority. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

ONE FREE PRESS-INITIATIVE _ A coalition of more than a dozen global news organizations, including The Associated Press, The Financial Times and Reuters, will spotlight the world’s most threatened journalists in a new freedom of speech initiative, the group announced in New York. SENT: 540 words, photos.




FACEBOOK-EXECUTIVE DEPARTURES _Two top Facebook executives are leaving the company, including product chief Chris Cox, who was long one of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s top deputies. By Technology Writers Michael Liedtke and Rachel Lerman. SENT: 550 words, photos. With FACEBOOK OUTAGE _ Facebook says its lengthy outage problems were the result of a “server configuration change.” SENT: 150 words photo.

TESLA-MODEL Y _ Tesla is unveiling its newest vehicle, the Model Y, an SUV that the automaker hopes will win over consumers looking for an all-electric alternative in the most popular segment of the auto market. SENT: 970 words, photos.




SCIENCE GOES TO THE DOGS _ A new exhibit at a Los Angeles museum examines the relationship between dogs and humans and explores why the two species seem to think so much alike and get along so well. “Dogs! A Science Tail” opens Saturday at the California Science Center. The show is part science, part history, part Norman Rockwell Americana and all canine. It features artwork, demonstrations by real working dogs, and stations that allow people to see, smell and hear like a dog does. SENT: 870 words, photos.




R KELLY _ A request by media organizations to have cameras allowed in the courtroom for the case of R&B star R. Kelly is about to come before a judge. SENT: 150 words. UPCOMING: Developing.




NHL-GROWING DIVERSITY _ Minority players in the NHL remain a relative rarity. But the effort to increase diversity in the sport at the youth level has never been more robust than it is now. The results can be seen in neighborhoods in places like Philadelphia and Detroit where basketball, baseball and football are still the top choices for many. The NHL says it has spent $100 million along with the players’ union since 2015 to grow diversity in the sport. By Hockey Writer Stephen Whyno. SENT: 1,440 words, photos.

GLF--PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP _ Tommy Fleetwood and Keegan Bradley share the lead going into the second round of The Players Championship. Tiger Woods is five back. By AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson. UPCOMING: 750 words, photos by 7 p.m.

TOKYO-ROBOTS _ Tokyo’s Olympics may become known as the “Robot Games,” organizers say, with so-called “human support robots” that will assist people who are in wheelchairs, as well as “delivery support robots” to help visitors with luggage. By Sports Writer Stephen Wade. SENT: 450 words, photos.




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