Flooded streets cause stress for all -- Adam Wood

August 30, 2018

I can see the agony on your face as you wait in the line of traffic trying to snake its way through the neighborhood. I can hear it in the revving of your engine as you speed down the formerly quiet residential street trying to make up time. The closed streets because of flooding around Madison sure are a major inconvenience.

Things are pretty inconvenient for those of us who live in these neighborhoods, too. In addition to having to spend a couple more minutes to get from point A to point B, we’re also having to haul sandbags around to protect our homes from the potential additional flooding that might come.

Since the heavy rains Aug. 20, traffic has been terrible for people inside and outside of cars. We realize that increased traffic through our flood-risk neighborhoods is unavoidable now. But please slow down. At least stop exceeding the speed limit. And please slow down to let kids cross the street.

Everyone is stressed right now. But instead of driving aggressively, might I suggest breathing exercises? Or biking instead of driving?

Adam Wood, Madison

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