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Nixon Promoting New Book with Radio, TV Commercials

March 29, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Radio listeners and television viewers in more than a dozen states and parts of Canada are hearing the voice of Richard Nixon, this time plugging excerpts from his newest book.

The commercials are running in some of the cities where the newspaper syndication of ″No More Vietnams″ begins on Sunday.

Patricia Minassian, public relations manager of the News America Syndicate, said nearly 80 newspapers are running the 17-part series. All were offered the 30-second broadcast spots.

Nixon’s new career as a pitchman began a few weeks ago when a Denver production company, hired by the Rocky Mountain News to prepare advertisements for the series, asked Nixon to provide recorded material.

″President Nixon said, fine, I’m happy to do the audio portion on condition that the tape be made available to the newspapers that are excerpting the book,″ said John Taylor, Nixon’s assistant.

All royalties from Nixon’s sixth book and its syndication will go to the future Nixon presidential library, Taylor said, adding that Nixon made the commercial out of conviction that his message should be heard.

In the commercial, Nixon says that in commemorating the 10th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, ″we hear over and over again the slogan, ‘No more Vietnams.’ What we must remember is that no more Vietnams can mean we will not try again. It should mean, we will not fail again.″

The last two sentences also are the closing words in the book, using italics for the words try, should and fail.

The television version of the commercial features Nixon’s voice and still pictures from the war, It has run in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and parts of Canada, Ms. Minassian said.

This is the first time that Nixon has taken part in a commercial promotion, Taylor said, although he gave political endorsements and made public service spots during his politicial years.

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