Trump has backed himself into corner-- Terry Jones

December 28, 2018

The headline in Wednesday’s State Journal read “Trump digs in on wall funds.”

It appears President Donald Trump has backed himself into a corner. It is never a good idea to make an untenable demand when negotiating without having a fall back strategy or a reasonable compromise at the ready. It appears President Trump needs the Democrats and Republicans who opposed funding the wall to throw him a lifeline. My solution would be to offer him a reasonable compromise.

During the campaign, President Trump said he would build a wall, and Mexico would pay for it. How about we reopen the government, and Trump open negotiations with Mexico. We would then support matching funds with whatever Mexico agrees to pay. That way Trump gets a wall and can say he got Mexico to do at least half of what he said it would do.

It would be a win for the president because he can move forward on his campaign promise and a win for the taxpayers. That’s because we will only have to pay for half the wall, and the government will be open for business again.

Terry Jones, Deerfield

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