Man reportedly beat his dog to death with a newspaper

December 4, 2018

REXBURG — A local man recently beat his dog to death with a newspaper, according to police. The man claimed to have been intoxicated, said Capt. Randy Lewis of the Rexburg Police Department. The incident happened at 350 West Fifth South.

Lewis says a woman contacted local police and told them that she heard a dog in distress. When officers arrived, the small dog was already dead, and there was nothing they could do, Lewis said.

Lewis says that officers contacted the 66-year-old male owner. He told officers that he was trying to clean the dog’s eyes, but the dog wouldn’t come out of its cage.

When the owner tried to get the dog out of the cage, he said that he possibly choked it. The owner then said he beat the dog with a newspaper resulting in its death. Lewis says that the owner told officers that he was a little drunk, and it got a little out of hand.

There were also puppies at the residence. The police took the puppies and the deceased dog with them. The puppies are currently being held at the Rexburg Animal Shelter at 400 N 5th W.

The man hasn’t been charged with anything yet, but Lewis says that they plan to charge him with animal cruelty.

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