Local entrepreneur wins $2,500 grant

December 16, 2018

A Fort Wayne man recently won a national award for entrepreneurship for his business Founders Spark.

Skysthelimit.org awarded Aaron Robles a $2,500 Friends and Family grant, which provides a chance for individual donors to back people and projects they believe in, according to a news release from the organization.

Robles holds events for local entrepreneurs in the startup community to provide them the tools they need to succeed. He said in the release that the grant will help cover costs of the events and make them accessible to more people.

“The Friends and Family grant is a magnificent opportunity for me and my team to continue doing the work we’re so passionate about,” Robles said in the news release. “It gives us the capability to fund our programs and reach more entrepreneurs in order to help them in their pursuit of the American dream.”

Skysthelimit.org created the Friends and Family grant from the idea that all entrepreneurs need capital, and many get that initial investment from their friends and family. The organization represents young entrepreneurs ages 18 to 29 who often do not have access to a circle of people who can contribute.

Entrepreneurs who register with Skysthelimit.org set up campaigns and donors use tokens backed by real cash to vote for the campaigns they think have potential.

At the end of each voting round, the entrepreneur with the most votes wins the grant. Robles won the first round of the grant. Rounds start at the beginning of every month.


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