Two 13-year-old boys arrested after bringing airsoft gun to school, firing pellets at windows

November 16, 2018

Two 13-year-old boys allegedly brought an airsoft gun to an elementary school in Spokane Valley, resulting in their arrest.

At about 6 p.m. Thursday, the two suspects, whose names weren’t released, were reported to have brought the airsoft gun to University Elementary School in Spokane Valley, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office reported in a news release. No students were at school during that time, but a parent-teacher conference were taking place.

The suspects allegedly shot plastic pellets at the windows “to annoy” the parents and teachers. At one point, one suspect tapped the airsoft gun on a window and pulled back the gun action, while the other suspect offered encouragement.

The two suspects were caught on surveillance footage and later arrested at their homes. They were booked into Spokane’s juvenile jail.

One suspect told deputies that he would do it again, but he wouldn’t be caught next time because “all cops were stupid and he was smarter than them,” according to the news release.

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