Larry Wonderling: Life is life

November 24, 2018


Regarding a rare news segment I saw on “CBS Sunday Morning,” on Nov. 11: I sincerely need to share with all of the fine people who need reminders that there are infinitely more empathetic, caring folks on our planet than those egocentric, depraved ones in every country.

Two police officers were on a routine patrol through Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, when they saw a young man at the side of the road who appeared to be performing CPR on a tiny object. They got closer to investigate and discovered the 19-year-old Chris Felix was performing CPR on a squirrel that had run in front of his car. After about a minute, there was no movement in the squirrel and the police officers thought it was dead, while Chris continued CPR. Then, to their amazement, the tiny animal jumped up and ran away. There were “high-fives” and smiles and hand shaking all around. Chris said he had learned CPR in high school and made the perfect comment, “Life is life.” When later the two officers were interviewed they both related that it was something they would never forget. Neither will I!

Larry Wonderling


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