WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton wasn't home over the weekend when his brother spent the night at the White House, but Roger Clinton wasn't lonely. He slept in the Lincoln Bedroom, and says Mary Todd Lincoln is ``still in there.''

Roger Clinton's revelation Monday came in response to a question from supermodel Beverly Johnson.

``I have a fascination with that room,'' Clinton said of the Lincoln Bedroom. ``I really have a fascination with Washington, D.C., and the history, but just that fact that Mary's still in there is pretty fascinating.''

He did not elaborate.

Johnson's question followed her own admission that she has several pairs of combat boots in her closet and doesn't know what to do with them anymore.

``Bronze them!'' cried fashion arbiter Mr. Blackwell, who had just finished a diatribe on how fashion has ``disgraced the American woman.''

The event that brought these icons of popular culture to Washington was not some state dinner or opening night at the Kennedy Center. Rather, it was a news conference to promote the return to Washington of the Learning Annex.

They, and many more like them, will teach seminars at the annex, an adult education program.

The annex, which went out of business in 1990 and was purchased by a group in New York a year later, specializes in such esoterica as ``How to Be an Image Consultant-Personal Shopper,'' ``How to Wake Up Your ESP,'' and ``Passion & Betrayal'' _ the latter to be taught by Gennifer Flowers, the woman who claims to have had a 12-year relationship with Bill Clinton.

Roger Clinton _ who will give a Learning Annex seminar about surviving a dysfunctional family _ said he was distressed to find his name in close proximity to that of Flowers in a newspaper.

``It said `Roger Clinton and Gennifer Flowers will be teaching a seminar,' and I would just like to differentiate,'' he said. ``I believe the problem here lies in that I was told that this was an adult education organization and I think perhaps their side thought it was an adult entertainment organization.''