Murl L. Shaver Substation figures into expanded power capabilities

August 4, 2018

NEEDLES — With the city of Needles potentially being able to receive 100 megawatts of electricity from Western Area Power Association they had to a complete a couple of significant changes required by WAPA.

According to background information provided by city staff, with the signing of the new Network Integrated Transmission Service agreement with WAPA, the Needles Public Utility Authority had to make some adjustment to the substation designed to receive and manage the additional power allocation. Doing so required eight additional 69kV switches and installation of hardware with platforms.

“In the future, we will have to rehabilitate the Mohave Line to get from 60 MW to 100 MW,” said Rick Daniels, city manager. “So the design changes were required by WAPA demanding that we be able to feed the city from two separate directions. This improves system reliability but it was an expensive change.”

As stated in the background information, the cost for the change order to Western Construction Specialists, who are currently assembling the substation, is not to exceed $300,000, which will cover minimal materials and labor.

“This came up in the last 45 days so this is not an emergency but something that we needed to address,” said Daniels.

The background information states that the Murl Shaver Substation is being funded by the developer’s deposits collected for electrical improvements in North Needles.

The city council approved the change order for the Murl Shaver Substation which shall not exceed the amount of $300,000 during their meeting on July 10.

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