Care-free depends on student

October 2, 2018

Is being a high school student care-free — all just fun and games? I would say that it ultimately depends on the student and time.

There are three types of students. The first type is laid back. They aren’t all that worried about college, any grade passing is a win, and they don’t typically stress over homework and tests. I would throw freshmen and some second-semester seniors into this category.

The second type is the polar opposite to the first type. They stress about all things college like ACT scores, what’s the best college, and how to afford college. They complete their homework on time and study for tests in hopes for a high grade. Usually, they are up late during schoolwork.

The third type is a mix of the first two types. Sometimes they care, other times school is the last thing on their mind. Occasionally, they find the happy medium between not caring and stressing.

I would categorize myself into the third type. I know that my grades and ACT score are important for college, but sometimes Netflix, social media and friends take the place of homework and studying. Also, with the more homework and scholarships to apply for, my case of senioritis just keeps worsening. For me, school is most stressful when all the homework and tests pile up at the same time.

With that all being said, high school can be care-free or super stressful. It just depends on how serious school work is to you, how you choose to manage your time, and how busy you are.

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