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Sweden Expelling Five Alleged Czech Spies

May 2, 1986

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ The Foreign Ministry said today that Sweden is expelling five Czechoslovaks, including four diplomats, for alleged spying activities.

A ministry statement said ″the Swedish government had been informed at the end of April by the National Police Board about a certain Czech intelligence activity in Sweden.″

″The reports showed that five Czech citizens, of whom four are diplomats, carried out activity incompatible with their offical assignment in this country.″ it said. ″According our appraisal their activities have not caused the country any damage, but could have done so if it had been allowed to continue.″

The Foreign Ministry statement gave no indication of the activities of the Czechoslovaks, but the Stockholm newspaper Expressen said they had been involved in military spying and industrial espionage directed against military and high-technology targets.

Sweden, a neutral country, has an extensive arms industry whose specialties include guns and artillery, anti-aircraft missiles and jet aircraft.

Expressen said the Czechoslovaks had hired Swedes as agents and forced them to deliver secret material. But it said some of the Swedes worked as double agents, providing information to the Swedish Security Police.

The government did not identify the five, but Expressen said they were Jan Kroupa, 42, embassy first secretary; Lt.Col. Jan Sovjak, 35, a military attache; Lubomir Kopaj, 30, press attache; and Ludvik Vanhara, 42, a trade attache.

It identified the fifth man as Pavel Scherzl, a 33-year old representative of the Czech airline CSA.

The Czech Embassy has only 10 accredited diplomats in Sweden. Sovjak and Kroupa were the third- and fourth-highest ranking envoys at the embassy.

The newspaper said Kroupa was the head of Czechoslovak civilian intelligence operations in Sweden and Sovjak the head of military espionage work. It said Kroupa had been the organizer of several operations uncovered by the Security Police.

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