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BC-IA--Iowa Weekend Exchange Digest, IA

December 19, 2018

AP-Iowa stories for Dec. 22 and Dec. 23. Members using Exchange stories should retain bylines and newspaper credit lines. If you have questions, please contact the desk at 515-243-3281.

For use Saturday, Dec. 22, and thereafter.


WEBSTER CITY, Iowa _ Stained glass windows at an Iowa church have been restored. In all, 38 windows at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Webster City were removed by Cathedral Crafts Inc. in June and taken back to its shop in Minnesota. Crews took them apart, cleaned the glass and then painstakingly reassembled them with new leading. Etchings from the original windows were used as a pattern to get them just right. By Hans Madsen, The Messenger. SENT IN ADVANCE: 724 words.


DUBUQUE, Iowa _ Students at the University of Dubuque are studying the presence of microplastics in the Mississippi River and the mussels that live there. Scientists worldwide are still looking into the extent of pollution stemming from the tiny bits of plastic. However, the university’s research could help build understanding about how the tiny plastics affect the environment as a whole, said Adam Hoffman, an associate professor of environmental chemistry and adviser for the project. By Allie Hinga, Telegraph Herald. SENT IN ADVANCE: 660 words.

For use Sunday, Dec. 23, and thereafter.


BOONE, Iowa _ As recent college graduates take on increasingly heavy burdens of student loan debt, one Quad Cities grocer is offering relief to its employees. This month, Fareway Stores Inc. became the latest company to offer programs to assist employees with student loan payments. Fareway official Chad Carter says the Boone-based grocery chain will provide full-time employees $100 a month toward student loan costs, or up to a total of $5,000. By Sarah Ritter, Quad-City Times. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1026 words.


ALTOONA, Iowa _ Once rare in Iowa, roundabouts are seeing a surge in popularity in the state. Traffic jams on Adventureland Drive have improved since Altoona replaced a four-way stop at 34th Street with a roundabout earlier this month. Pleasant Hill opened the city’s first roundabout in December. Johnston opened its 11th roundabout in October. The Iowa Transportation Department counted 62 roundabouts in the state as of August. And more are in the works. By Ian Richardson, Des Moines Register. SENT IN ADVANCE: 711 words.

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