Florence County officials: Residents along Lynches River should prepare to evacuate

September 19, 2018

EFFINGHAMS, S.C. –According to the National Weather Service Black Creek is currently at a stage of almost 17 feet and has fallen very slightly. The creek is forecast to remain above 15 feet through Sunday. Residents will be advised when the evacuation order has been lifted.

There is concern for overtopping of Lake Prestwood dam in Hartsville. Florence and Darlington County officials are in constant contact to very closely monitor this situation. Should there be overtopping of this dam Florence County will immediately notify Black Creek residents.

Lynches River is forecast to reach flood stage by Saturday and continue to rise. The forecast currently shows a rise near levels reached during the 2016 Hurricane Matthew flooding event which was 18 feet 7 inches. Residents who live in the areas in and around Lynches River should make plans now to evacuate as river levels rise.

Lynches River flood stage is 14 feet. At 15 feet five inches floodwaters on Lynches River will affect portions of North Old Georgetown, Roundtree and Ben Gause Roads near Effingham and New Hope. The roads will be impassable in places. Locations downstream such as Half Moon Landing, and the Neck should expect flood waters later in the week.

We strongly encourage citizens who live along these two waterways to monitor river levels very closely throughout the weekend. If at any time citizens feel they are unsafe, they are asked to leave their homes and go to a family members or friends home or go to the nearest open shelter.

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