WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton said today he would not ask for any pardon from his successor for any possible crimes committed while in office.

``I don't have any interest in that,'' Clinton told the American Society of Newspaper Editors. ``I don't want one and I am prepared to stand before any bar of justice I have to stand before.''

The president spoke a day after Vice President Al Gore addressed the same gathering and said that Clinton would not request or accept any pardon from a successor. Gore told the group that Clinton said ``publicly some time ago that he would neither request nor accept a pardon, so that's the answer to your question.''

When the same question was posed to Clinton today, the president said, ``The answer is, I have no interest in it. I wouldn't ask for it. I don't think it would be necessary.''

Clinton said that ``I wouldn't be surprised by anything that happens but I'm not interested in being pardoned.''