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Senate leader: no support for Delaware gun control measures

May 13, 2019

DOVER, Del. (AP) — Delaware’s state Senate leader says support for strict gun control measures proposed by fellow Democrats is “almost non-existent.”

Senate President David McBride said Monday that as things stand now, none of the bills will be coming out of the Executive Committee that he leads because they lack support for Senate passage.

One of the bills resurrects a proposed ban on certain semiautomatic firearms that gun-control advocates call “assault weapons.”

A second bill bans ammunition magazines holding more than 15 rounds.

The third bill requires Delawareans wanting to buy a firearm to first obtain government permission in the form of a state-issued “purchaser card,” which would require being fingerprinted. Gun dealers, meanwhile, would be required to submit information on every gun purchase and purchaser for entry into a new state database.