Sanitary Authority Waiving Late Fees For Commercial Stormwater Bills

May 1, 2019

HANOVER TWP. — The Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority is waiving late payment penalties for first quarter commercial bills. Commercial property owners will have until 4 p.m. July 3, to make payments with no penalty assessments, the authority announced in a news release. The policy applies to combined wastewater and stormwater bills and accounts billed for stormwater only. Customer accounts not paid in full will incur a 10% penalty retroactive to January 1 for nonpayment of first quarter bills, and a 10% penalty as of April 1 for nonpayment of second quarter bills. Second quarter bills will be mailed to commercial property owners beginning May 7. All sanitary and stormwater payments are first applied to stormwater management. The specified payment allocation helps WVSA meet its commitments to municipalities charged with fulfilling unfunded mandates, while ensuring equitable distribution of costs for stormwater management services provided by the authority, the news release read. Customers may call 570-820-9872 for all billing inquiries.