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The Moussaoui Jury

March 6, 2006

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) _ Here are thumbnail sketches of the jurors in the sentencing trial of confessed al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui.

All information about the jurors comes from public statements by the jurors themselves or statements about them by attorneys in the case during seven days of jury selection last month.

The court does not intend to ever disclose the names of the jurors; they will be referred to throughout by these juror numbers.

Juror No. 19 _ Male, married. Wasn’t certain whether Moussaoui’s membership in al-Qaida would affect his judgment.

Juror No. 36 _ Female, self-employed. Would tend to assume an al-Qaida member is evil.

Juror No. 53 _ Female, works in county government. A relative worked for the CIA almost 30 years ago.

Juror No. 159 _ Female, employed.

Juror No. 192 _ Male, employed in the private sector. Served in the mid-1980s on a jury that found that defendant guilty of burglary.

Juror No. 237 _ Female, works in the private sector. Her brother-in-law is in the New York City Police Department and worked as a rescuer at the World Trade Center. They have discussed 9/11 but she said his information and reactions would not affect her verdict.

Juror No. 246 _ Male, married, employed in the private sector with the same company for the last six years. His father retired from a CIA communications job five years ago, before 9/11.

Juror No. 272 _ Male, works as an analyst of some kind and is married but his wife has lived elsewhere for three years.

Juror No. 299 _ Female, works in the private sector. A Sunni Muslim born in Iran, she speaks Farsi but not Arabic.

Juror No. 330 _ Male, married and works as an accountant in the private sector.

Juror No. 379 _ Male, married and works in the private sector. Spent seven years in the Navy as a lieutenant and served on an amphibious ship in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm, 1990-91. His brother is a former police officer. Said he considers law enforcement witnesses as slightly more credible than others but could follow instructions not to do that. Said he has a slightly negative view of the FBI’s performance before 9/11 but his mind could be changed by evidence.

Juror No. 402 _ Male, employed. He serves in the military reserves.

Juror No. 439 _ Male, federal government employee. Said he felt there was a lack of communication between the CIA and FBI before 9/11.

Juror No. 451 _ Male, married and works at what the judge called ``a fairly responsible job″ in the private sector.

Juror No. 526 _ Male, works for government and has a family. Acknowledged hearing that some intelligence agencies didn’t work well together before 9/11 but said he has an open mind on that issue.

Juror No. 533 _ Female, a high school math teacher. Has traveled throughout the Middle East when her father was teaching in Bahrain in the 1970s and now has an Islamic student. The fathers of two of her students are firefighters who responded to the 9/11 crash at the Pentagon. She attended a 9/11 memorial at school and helped freshmen make a quilt to give to the fire department.

Juror No. 659 _ Female, mental health researcher in the private sector. Said she attends meetings with and share the same professional orientation as one of the witnesses to be called at the trial.

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