Schools needs Caire’s leadership -- Ed Hughes

March 31, 2019

It’s a hard time for our Madison schools. My former School Board colleagues hear speakers call them racists at meetings. Our superintendent is criticized from all sides. Our teachers fear if they slip up once they might lose their jobs. Parents of color see their kids demonized by some and occasionally manhandled in the schools.

With his deep history and involvement in Madison, Kaleem Caire is a leader uniquely qualified to respond to the moment with unifying authority.

Caire can say our students must behave and we need to ensure all our students feel safe and welcomed in our schools. Caire can say we need to help our teachers who feel under siege and we all need to work on recognizing our hidden biases. Caire can say parents must get their kids to school on time with their homework done and there are good reasons why parents of color are so concerned about protecting their kids from overzealous authority. Caire can say we can be proud of our schools where amazing things are happening and we have to do better for our students of color.

Vote Caire for a stronger School Board and more unified Madison.

Ed Hughes, former Madison School Board member