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Lawsuit: McMuffin Was Bloody

October 7, 1998

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (AP) _ A couple sued a McDonald’s restaurant for $825,000 because they claim it refuses to test an employee who bled on their Egg McMuffin.

On May 29, Michelle Beeler bought an Egg McMuffin at a drive-through window, took several bites and noticed blood on the back side of the sandwich and on the wrapper, according to the lawsuit filed last month in Hamblen County Circuit Court.

Concerned about possible exposure to disease, she returned to the restaurant, where she learned the blood had come from a cut on an employee’s finger, the lawsuit said.

She and her husband, James Patrick Beeler, asked that the employee be tested for any diseases that may be transmitted through blood, but the restaurant refused, the lawsuit said.

In addition to the damages, the Beelers want the court to force the employee to be tested. The lawsuit claims he was negligent in failing to make sure his hands were free from cuts and blood.

A McDonald’s spokesman at corporate offices in Oak Brook, Ill., declined comment.

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