Trump says he’ll veto attempt to stop wall building

February 22, 2019

President Trump said Friday will veto any attempt to block his wall-building border emergency declaration, and said he can’t see any way Congress musters the votes to override him.

His comments came hours after Democrats announced legislation to try to block the emergency declaration. A vote in the House will happen Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

“Will I veto it? One-hundred percent,” the president said.

He said he doubts Congress would be able to overturn his veto, which would mean his plans would stick barring any legal setbacks.

Congress last week approved just $1.375 billion for border wall construction this year, which is far less than the president had sought.

He signed that spending bill, but also declared a national emergency and said he was rejiggering money already in the budget, saying he’s found another $6.7 billion he can use for wall-building.

The National Emergencies Act gives him power to rearrange money, but it also lays out a process for Congress to block him. It takes a proactive vote in each chamber.

The initial votes are by majority, which Democrats say they’ll easily attain in the House, and even in the Senate they are likely to find enough votes. But the president can then veto that move, and it takes a two-thirds majority to override him.

House Republicans said they can muster enough support to prevent that.