Kavanaugh wasn’t honest with Senate -- Steve Rankin

October 11, 2018

The Brett Kavanaugh narrative was wrong. By casting it as a tale of “unsubstantiated allegations,” it was reduced to a “he said, she said” story. Since the “corroborating witness” had a vested interest in failing to recall events of that night, and was a self-professed blackout drunk, there’s little surprise he didn’t remember.

This way, Senate Republicans could cast this as the tale of “two lives utterly destroyed.” But one of them can spend the rest of his life drying crocodile tears with his new black robe.

Missing in this narrative is what we just learned. Kavanaugh didn’t tell the truth. He told us his high school drunkenness was legal. The record shows the drinking age was 21 in Maryland. He told us he got into Yale with “no connections.” The record shows he was a legacy student. He showed contempt for the Senate and the democratic process when he refused to answer questions and turned those questions around and asked them of the senators.

I’m no lawyer, but even I know that when you testify under oath your role is to answer questions, not ask them. And he’ll be on the court for life.

Steve Rankin, Madison

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