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December 21, 1989

PARIS (AP) _ The Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, for a second year in a row, will be missing from the official schedule for the world championship of prototype cars.

The Federation of Automobile Sports (FISA) made public an 11-race calendar for 1990 season Thursday without including the famous race in France, where the Jaguars, Mercedes and Porsches race day and night at speeds over 200 mph.

The schedule includes another 24-hour race June 3 at Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. Since June 17 is the date of Le Mans, it forces the major manufacturers to decide whether to compete for points in the world championship or prestige at Le Mans.

Last year, in a battle over television rights between the race organizers and FISA, the race was run separate from the official events for the world championship.

The 1990 race was threatened by a recent FISA regulation that limits all races of the world championships to have straightaway no longer than 1.6 miles in length.

The Le Mans track’s Mulsanne straightaway is almost 4.2 miles long.


ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) - Diego Maradona’s charge that the World Cup draw was rigged has been dismissed as stupidity by the International Football Federation, an FIFA spokesman said Thursday.

Guido Tognoni said the world soccer authority will not initiate any sanctions against the Argentine soccer star who plays for Naples in the Italian League, but it might join in if the Italian Federation takes any action.

″If the Italian Federation feels that Maradona must be penalized for that, FIFA will have a look at the dossier and possibly take similar action, upon request of the Italian Federation,″ Tognoni said. ″We have other things to do than react to any idiotic statement.″

Asked whether any sanctions could include a ban from next year’s World Cup finals, Tognoni said, ″We would make far too much of it if we went that far. But I think he should concentrate on training instead of talking.″

″We regard it as a stupidity and we will not make a great fuss about it,″ he said. ″Why should we punish stupidity when he makes a fool of himself?″

Maradona, the captain of defending World Cup champion Argentina, was quoted in Italian newspapers Wednesday as saying that World Cup groups were pre- determined and the draw was made just for television audiences.


LONDON (AP) - Florencia Labat of Argentina clinched the girls’ singles world championship for 1989 with a decision by American Jennifer Capriati to turn pro, the International Tennis Federation said Thursday.

Capriati, a 13-year-old from Lauderhill, Fla., said this week she was joining the professional ranks and skipping the final junior tournaments of the season.

She and Labat were tied for first place with 770 points apiece, and since no one else has a chance of catching up, the Argentine was declared the winner.

Nicklas Kulti of Sweden earlier clinched the boys’ singles title.


EAST BERLIN (AP) - East German sports authorities Thursday blocked the move of Rainer Ernst to a West German club, saying the soccer star was not playing well enough to deserve a transfer.

″He is not in very good form right now,″ Werner Neumann, a member of the East German sports federation said.

Ernst, who plays for Dynamo East Berlin, was sought by Borussia Dortmund and already had trained with the West Germans.

Dynamo is expected to become a civilian club next season.

The club had been sponsored by the Interior Ministry and the East German secret police, Stasi, which has been disbanded.


VIRGINIA WATER, England (AP) - An 18 percent increase in prize money to almost $27 million and a new tournament were announced by the PGA European Tour Thursday for its 1990 schedule.

The Atlantic Open in Oporto, Portugal, Feb. 15-18, was the fourth new tournament announced for next year’s European circuit. Others, in Spain, Britain and Austria, were announced last month.

Purses for the 47 tournaments will total $25.6 million, up $3.9 million from 1989, said Ken Schofield, the tour’s executive director. The average purse of $545,000 is five times higher than in 1980.


HAMBURG, West Germany (AP) - Simion Crisan, a Romanian international table tennis player, has defected and asked for political asylum in West Germany, officials said Thursday.

Crisan, 27, teamed with Georg-Zsolt Boehm, to win the doubles gold medal at the European Junior Championships in 1978. He is a former Romanian singles champion.

Boehm defected from the Romanian team in 1980, later became a West German citizen and now plays for a West German club.

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