Make America Great Again By Voting For Casey

October 9, 2018

Editor: Many of us are wondering, “Who should I vote for, Casey or Barletta?” Sen. Bob Casey, the incumbent, has always fought for the working class. He helped pass a health care bill for retired miners, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act, a small business tax reduction bill and the Fair Pay Act, which helps women get equal pay Also, he’d like to raise the minimum wage and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid. If you go to Rep. Barletta’s website, you’ll see at the top, in large letters, “Stand with President Trump, support Lou Barletta.” This means Barletta supports separating children from their parents at the border, paying millions for a wall and tax scams that help the wealthy and corporations at the expense of our deficit. Bottom line, if we want to Make America Great Again, we should begin by voting for Sen. Casey. The upper 5 percent in wealth may feel it’s best to support those who support Trump and they’ll cite our economy as a major reason. They should know, though, that history often repeats itself. The economy was also doing well at the beginning of Hoover’s term, then we had the Great Depression. Joe Czarnecki DALLAS

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