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BC-Sunday Spotlight,ADVISORY

November 30, 2018


The following story will move Saturday as this week’s Sunday Spotlight, a feature showcasing the best off-the-news enterprise in the AP report:

GENERAL MOTORS-WHITE COLLAR BLUES — For generations, the career path for smart kids around Detroit was to get an engineering or business degree and catch on with an automaker or parts supplier. If you worked hard and didn’t screw up, you had a job for life with enough money to raise a family, take vacations and buy a cottage in Northern Michigan. That safe livelihood disappeared this week after General Motors announced plans to shed 8,000 white-collar jobs. It’s a sign of a broader change in the U.S. economy as almost every business is oriented to computers, software and automation. Companies no longer need as many workers as technological advances enable them to focus on profitable and promising products. By Tom Krisher and Josh Boak. UPCOMING: 1,200 words by 10 a.m., photos.

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