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Key Dates for Nextel Communications Inc. With AM-Nextel

August 5, 1994

(AP) _ Founded as Fleet Call Inc., acquires 10 small mobile radio businesses.

1991 - Forms strategic relationships with Motorola Inc. and Northern Telecom.

December 1992 - Merges with Dispatch Communications Inc., forming a network that covers 70 cities.

March 1993 - Renamed as Nextel Communications Inc.

October 1993 - Acquires Questar Telecom Inc. and Advanced MobilComm Inc., gaining properties in San Diego, Nevada and Utah; acquires interest in CenCall Communications Inc., gaining customers in Midwest; merges with PowerFone Holdings Inc., bringing other Midwestern markets.

November 1993 - Reaches tentative deal for Motorola Inc.’s mobile license holdings, largest such portfolio in nation.

February 1994 - Receives $1 billion investment from MCI Communications Inc., plans joint marketing with MCI and Comcast Corp.

July 1994 - Merges with OneComm Corp., adding large portions of Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest.

August 1994 - Merges with Dial Page Inc., adding South and rounding out national network. Reaches final terms with Motorola for its license holdings.

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