Older workers can still contribute -- Maria Patt

December 18, 2018

Yes, I can relate to the author of the Dec. 8 letter to the editor ” Don’t ignore older job applicants.” I, too, have been looking for work. I have been looking for a year and a half.

I, too, have applied for clerical work, service work, professional work and educational jobs (I’m a state licensed teacher and principal). I, too, have perused job sites such as Indeed, local, city, county, state and specific employer sites for positions.

In that time, I have had eight interviews. They resulted in one limited-term, part-time position, for which I am truly grateful.

What I have found most frustrating, however (in addition to hearing the daily complaint that businesses and organizations can’t find workers), is the total lack of response to my dozens of applications. If all these organizations can’t find employees, what’s the excuse for not even contacting applicants for posted jobs?

I have been tempted to quit looking -- but I am intelligent, experienced, capable and willing to work. I am also persistent, and I will keep looking for, and applying to, positions where I can contribute to an organization’s success.

I wish good luck to the letter writer, and to all of us “out here” who are of a certain age, but need and want to keep working.

Maria Patt, Waunakee

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