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Conan Doyle’s Robe Auctioned

September 25, 1990

NOTTINGHAM, England (AP) _ A bathrobe worn by Sherlock Holmes’ creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was sold for more than $2,000 on Tuesday.

The century-old, calf-length garment of thick tweed in a light brown check pattern was offered for sale by a collector and bought by an anonymous telephone bidder, said Vennett-Smith Auctions of Goatham near Nottingham.

The dressing gown was described in a short story, ″The Man with the Twisted Lip,″ said auctioneer Trevor Vennett-Smith.

He said Conan Doyle often wore it when writing, and it later belonged to Sidney Paget, who used it as a model in six of his illustrations for stories about the fictional detective.

″We sell only postcards, cigarette cards and autographs, but we were offered the dressing gown by a good client and we know that anything with a Sherlock Holmes connection always sells,″ the auctioneer said. The sale price was 1,100 pounds, or $2,068.