Lutheran Hospital diverts patients following attempted hack

September 18, 2018

Ambulances are being diverted away from Lutheran Hospital this afternoon as its network reboots computers following an attempted hacking attempt, an official said.

Geoff Thomas, Lutheran Health Network spokesman, said the network’s information technology staff “successfully stopped a virus from infecting its local network.”

As a precaution, he said in an email, all phones and computers were shut down. Officials have already begun the process of bringing all systems back online.

“All remaining elective cases at Lutheran Hospital have been canceled for the rest of the day and are being rescheduled,” Thomas said.

Although emergency medical transports are being diverted to other hospitals, Lutheran Hospital remains open, and walk in-patients are being provided “the needed level of care,” Thomas wrote.

Lutheran Hospital is the only one in the network that is diverting some patients, he added.

The hospital’s diversion status will be reassessed hourly until all computers are back online, he said.

Updates on Lutheran Hospital’s status will be made at www.journalgazette.net as soon as they are available.


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