It’s much more than just a dance

October 8, 2018

Homecoming— the first high school dance of the year, and an event that, for most girls, requires hours of preparation.

But if you’re in high school, you know that homecoming is actually much more than just a dance. Homecoming means spirit week, tons of pictures, and lots of money spent. If you’re someone who really gets into homecoming like I do, then you know that preparing for homecoming is something that can actually take weeks. It involves ordering and altering a dress, getting the perfect heels, and deciding exactly what it is we want for our hair. All of these things add to what will be a night to remember!

I believe that at most schools, homecoming still gets taken very serious and is always anticipated. For most schools, homecoming means spirit week and all of the crazy dress-up themes. For those who aren’t aware, during spirit week you’re able to participate in different activities throughout the week. This week generally includes dressing up for the wacky day themes, participating in the dress-up competitions, the homecoming pep rally and, finally, the homecoming football game.

This year, as a cheerleader, I got to be able to participate in the organizing of homecoming. Every year, the cheerleaders are in charge of all of the homecoming preparation. Things can get pretty hectic as putting together a very important high school dance can be stressful. Organizing homecoming means coming up with a theme for the dance and themes for spirit week days. Not just that, but as cheerleaders we’re also put in charge of selling tickets and decorating on homecoming morning.

On top of putting together this event, we’re also each trying to plan for homecoming day. On this day, most girls tend to take hours to get ready for the night. We usually worry about our hair, nails and makeup being done on time. We also have to be sure everything is ready before pictures, dinner and coronation.

And if you catch yourself a homecoming date, then you better be ready to know how to pin a boutonniere onto your date’s dress shirt. Personally, I’ve had to do this twice before and I know that this isn’t as easy as most make it seem in pictures.

The homecoming fun also doesn’t just end with the dance. Post-homecoming is also what makes this event so enjoyable. Over the years, I’ve gone to bonfires or out to Perkin’s after homecoming. And getting to dress down and just relax with friends is a great way to end the night!

It’s definitely evident that girls look forward to homecoming way more than guys do. We get to get all dressed up and take an abundance of pictures, which is what a lot of us love to do.

Through all of the preparation we go through, I still think that the planning and preparation is definitely my favorite part about homecoming. It can all seem very stressful at the time getting everything ready for the big day. However, I think it’s all a part of the fun— because a lot goes down when we dress up!

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