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January 9, 1990

HOUSTON (AP) _ Agnieszka Klich doesn’t particularly love school and is like many other students who hate getting up early in the morning to attend classes at the University of Houston.

But that hasn’t stopped the 22-year-old student who came to the United States from Poland in 1986 from getting ready this spring to be awarded four bachelor’s degrees - radio-television, journalism, history and Russian history - from the university and an associate degree in economics from Houston Community College.

To accomplish her feat, Ms. Klich will take seven classes - four is considered standard - at the university this spring and one at the community college.

Oh yes, she also has a part-time job at Texas Paralegal School.

″I know that sounds crazy,″ said Ms. Klich. ″But I like finding out about things.″

Ms. Klich began learning English at the age of 8. After high school, a friend of her family in Texas offered to pay for her college education at the University of Houston.

″I was amazed. I could take whatever subject I wanted to. ... In Poland, you don’t get to choose,″ she said.


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - Now here’s a city that’s not out to get your goat.

The City Council on Monday unanimously rejected a proposed ordinance that would have limited the number of goats per back yard and forced owners to keep them in cages at least 20 feet from a neighbor’s property line.

The vote came after all 10 of the people who spoke at a public hearing opposed the proposal, most saying goats make cleaner pets than dogs or cats.

Peter Wangsness, whose pygmy goats prompted the complaints which led city officials to draft the proposal, said he was happy about the vote.

Wangsness said he hadn’t heard from the neighbor who complained about the goats since a city judge threw out the man’s criminal-nuisance complaint last fall.

Wangsness testified that both NASA and the planners of Biosphere II, a self-sufficient, sealed environment in which scientists plan to spend two years, much like a long space flight, picked goats as an ideal domestic animal for space travel.

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