October 11, 2018

Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect pumpkin.

Look at the color. Pumpkins with a rich orange color are of higher quality. Pumpkins with a less orange appearance would be of lower quality. Depending on what you’re going to be using your pumpkin for, this makes a significant difference. The quality of the pumpkin also influences the length of its shelf-life.

Test for maturity. A mature pumpkin, which is preferable when selecting for a pie or other recipe, is resistant to scratching. Use your thumb to scratch the pumpkin. If it scratches easily, the pump may not be ripe or fully grown.

Look at the size. If you want a pumpkin for a Jack o’ lantern, a larger well-shaped pumpkin would be preferable. Smaller, heavier pumpkins contain more pump and are better for pies and other recipes.

Avoid pumpkins with surface damage. Damage to the surface of the pumpkin quickly leads to a shortened shelf-life and decay.

Pick one that just looks “right.” You know your pumpkin’s purpose. If you’re strictly using it for decorating purposes, you may just automatically know your pumpkin when you see it. Size, color and surface characteristics may all add into what makes a pumpkin “right” for your purposes.

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