‘Gullah in the Garden’

August 20, 2018
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Vivian Kost and Joe Hoffer are another casualty of John Kinzer’s charm when it comes to hosting a dinner for Hospice’s Bella Luce VIII fundraiser.

As Vivian explained, “He asked and we are thrilled to do it because it is such a wonderful organization and it has helped friends and family through the years.” Kost and Hoffer have been joined by their good friends David Castleberry and Barbara Ladner. Kost laughed as she said, “We recruited them and the four of us have been combing through cookbooks looking for recipes to reflect our theme.”

Their theme is a take on the sea islands around Charleston, SC. Kost said, “David is a bit of a foody and is always making us something delicious from that area.′ Add to that the dinner will be held in Kost & Hoffer’s back garden and the theme evolved and has transformed into “Gullah in the Garden.” Keep in mind, Vivian and Joe’s garden is not just an ordinary garden— it is a magnificent outdoor space.

The first indication this garden is going to be an interesting space is the cobblestone walk spanning the shared area between neighbors. The common area is devoted to potted grasses offering privacy for the space where table and chairs await a gathering. From there one steps through a gate designed by Vivian with a metal plate harvested from a building in Paris. Nestled beside the gate is a small fountain underneath one of two white crepe myrtle bushes in the yard.

The cobblestone path leading to the main garden is lined with hostas, ferns and hydrangeas. Once in the back garden, it is notable that

there is no grass as it is covered in cobblestones.

Springing from one side of the garden is a large river birch tree with interesting peeling bark, it is surrounded by flower beds lush with lace cap hydrangeas, cone flowers, ferns, boxwoods and hostas. Potted ferns and hibiscus are strategically located here and there. One whole side of the yard is designed for herbs.

On the opposite side of the garden is a pergola with a lush thick wisteria covering its top.

Vivian recounted its origin, “It started on my great great great grandfather’s farm. Many family members have returned to the farm in Ohio to get a slip of it toplant in their landscapes. It grows like crazy but we like having it.”

Kost, Hoffer, Castleberry and Ladner have planned for two large tables for their hospice guests.

Kost commented, “With our southern theme there is bound to be some shrimp, crab, maybe some grits and, of course, peaches slipping into that menu. There are just so many things we could serve but one thing is for sure, it will all be good.′

Folks, this is a golden opportunity to see one fine garden plus have a great dinner, so when reservations open on Monday, Aug. 20, you might consider ‘Gullah in the Garden.’

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