Water levels lead to Longbridge Road closure

May 3, 2019

Longbridge Road in Pentwater closed Wednesday evening at the Monroe Road intersection due to high water both to protect vehicles and the structural integrity of the road, said Oceana County Road Commission Managing Director Mark Timmer.

Longbridge Road crosses Pentwater River as it empties into Pentwater Lake and then flows into Lake Michigan. The water level was up to the center line of the road Wednesday evening, Timmer said, and it fluctuates with the rain accumulation.

It is unknown when the road will open again to traffic, he said. The road foundation is completely saturated and unstable, so driving on it would break the asphalt, Timmer explained.

“We know it’s a concern for residents, but we ask that they (be) patient,” he said. “We really do have their best interests at heart. We want to protect the road. We don’t want to see it damaged to the point where it needs to be replaced.”

He said once the water level recedes and the road’s foundation drains and dries, the commission will decide when to open the route to traffic.

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