Your Style: Bill Fey

August 12, 2018

“Lately, my career has been filled with Thursdays on First & 3rd — which also happens to be my favorite day of the week,” said Bill Fey, who is events coordinator for the Rochester Downtown Alliance.

And it’s no coincidence that Fey is happy to be in that position. “I have been very close to the Rochester community for years,” he said. “My dad grew up just outside of Byron, so every year for as long as I remember I was coming here for the holidays.”

Today, Fey is enjoying Rochester with his wife, Brianna, and their children, Aiden, 10 and Lucy, 6.

“We’re constantly running for things like baseball, gymnastics, camping, weddings. I’m an avid Minnesota sports fan, especially the Vikings. But I’m an even bigger food fan.”

How do you describe your style?

Comfortable. Somewhere between hardware store and washed-up athlete.

Where did your style originate?

I’m not sure. Target maybe? A wardrobe like mine is hard to trace back to the roots. Probably elementary school.

Any particular encouragements?

I had a track coach in high school who provided some inspiration. To this day, I’ve never seen the man wear long pants. Even in the bitter cold, he had shorts on.

Has your style changed with your stages in life?

I’ve added some semblance of professionalism to my wardrobe since graduating from high school and college. I suppose I don’t wear quite as many screen-printed cotton T-shirts as I did in grade school. But overall, it hasn’t changed much.

What do you hope your style communicates when working and in other settings?

I want it to communicate that a person can look professional and still be comfortable. Outside of work, I honestly don’t put much thought into what my style says. If anything, that I just want to feel good in what I wear.

What do you wear when working and then in other settings?

At work, other than Thursdays on First & 3rd, it’s always a collared shirt. I generally pair the top with black pants. But going back to the comfort thing, they’re actually athletic golf pants that play the part of dress pants. Shhhhh!

Outside of work, it’s almost always shorts, some sort of cotton or athletic style T-shirt and a ball cap — forward or backward, depending on the mood.

Maybe I don’t need to ask, but the most essential components in your wardrobe?


What should every well-dressed man have in his wardrobe?

If I ever become a well-dressed man, I’ll let you know.

Priceless sentimental possessions you wear?

My wedding ring is far and away number one! Also, my (Twin Cities country music artist) Chris Hawkey hat. Not just because of the hat, but because he was gracious enough to use 100 percent of all merchandise sales that night to benefit Mission 21 (which benefits child victims of sex trafficking). I often think of that when I wear the hat.

Is there something in your wardrobe people would find surprising?

Either the fact that I actually do own a suit, my N’Sync shirt or my sleeveless flannel cut-off jeans outfit.

Is there an item your family or friends joke about?

My red shorts. There was a window of time I was wearing them in three or four straight publicly shared photos — so now the joke is they’re my only pair!

Preferred season in terms of clothing?

Fall, by far.

Something especially “Minnesota” about your style?

In the fall, you will often find me in a hooded sweatshirt and shorts combo. It screams Minnesota.

Advice for readers?

Do what feels good. No one wants to be uncomfortable.

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