Finding a replacement for Shoo Fly

September 17, 2018

You remember back about a year ago when I told you about the owner of Shoo Fly that passed away? Well … his family has decided not to go forward with Shoo Fly. It’s sad, but it’s just the way it is. And we are completely out of Shoo Fly, so you will not see it on our website or on the shelves in the store.

So now I am in the process of trying out several new sprays for pest control. It might take a while because Shoo Fly was a unique product, and I don’t want just to pick a so-so product. So be patient - I’m going to find the perfect spray, for you and for me.

Now to the email …

Question: I look forward to your column each week in the Cypress Creek Mirror. Thank you for all your useful tips. I have an old concrete birdbath. The base has been broken in two. The break is horizontal and clean. I feel like the weight of the bird bath bowl will secure it for the most part. However, I would like to bond the two pieces together for safety. What type of glue or cement would you recommend on this type of surface. Thank you in advance for your response.

Answer: The product is called PC-7. It’s a two-part epoxy that is gray in color and cures in 12 hours. Take equal parts of each color; mix together until it’s all one color. Apply to the break and then secure your fountain back together. Don’t be afraid of this epoxy. It’s really easy to work with. If some PC-7 squeezes out of the seam when you put it back together again, smooth it out with denatured alcohol.

Question: I ordered Delete Germ. How do I use it? On the label, it says to use 1 oz. in the toilet. I bought it to clean my entire bathroom including porcelain tile, fixtures, glass shower door, etc. Do I dilute it to use this way? Or can it even be used to clean everything in the bath?

Answer: Delete Germ is to be used full strength in the toilet bowl and the over-flow pipe in the tank. When you put it in the over-flow pipe, it will work its way down through the toilet under the rim and then down into the bowl, cleaning your toilet from the inside out. Clean your glass shower doors and ceramic tile by applying a stream of Delete Germ. Use a 3M scrubby sponge to clean the glass, and tile several times. Rinse completely. To see how easy it is to clean your bathroom; go to the website www.happyhandyman.com and look at the videos. There is one labeled “Total bathroom clean up with Delete Germ.” If you use it to clean faucets, dilute it about 50 percent with water.

Question: I have an issue with one of my armoire drawers. It has a smell in the bottom drawer. The previous owner has cats, and I think the cat may have urinated in the drawer. I have tried a rag with Clorox, Febreze and laundry soap. The smell has calmed down, but it is still there. Do you have suggestions or products that can help? Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer: The best solution would be Bio Zapp. Take the drawer out if you can and spray all sides of the drawer. Bio Zapp is crystal clear so it won’t leave any stains. You might have to do it several times to completely get rid of the odor.

Question: I left my sprinkler in the yard attached to the hose. That didn’t seem like a bad idea until it rusted together. I tried tapping the metal sprinkler with a hammer, and the edge of the sprinkler broke, but it didn’t release from the hose. Do you think it can be separated? I don’t want to throw away the hose or sprinkler.

Answer: There is a product called PB Blaster. It’s a penetrating catalyst. What that means is that it will cause the tension between the two elements to release and leave a non-evaporating lubricant to prevent further rust and corrosion. Spray down into the threads of the sprinkler and the hose threads and let it work. You might have to repeat the process … but it will release.

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