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On The Light Side

February 6, 1988

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) _ A controversy over the definition of a hamburger has a restaurant owner sizzling and an Indiana firm fanning the flames. Now it’s now up to the courts to decide whose beef is legitimate.

Gary Hutchison, operator of the Orange Julius concession at the Hutchinson Mall, says the mall’s parent firm, Melvin Simon Associates, agreed in writing to let him sell gourmet hamburgers known as ″Juliusburgers.″

Then inexplicably, he says, they threatened to kick him out of the mall for selling them. As a result, he’s suing in district court for more than $10,000 in damages.

After the initial letter of agreement from Melvin Simon, a second letter arrived at Orange Julius’ corporate offices in Santa Monica, Calif. The letter said Hutchison was in default of his lease because he was selling Juliusburgers.

The letter said Hutchison was allowed to sell only ″Orange Julius brand drinks, hot dogs, sandwiches and other items normally sold in the Orange Julius snack bar operation, and for no other purpose.″

″Please be advised that ‘sandwiches’ does not include the sale of ‘hamburgers,″ ’ it said.

Hutchison disagrees. ″How can a hamburger be anything other than a sandwich? I think it’s a sandwich in the dictionary,″ he said recently.

If anyone has benefited from the flap, Hutchison says, he knows who it is.



DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (AP) - The new single by the British rock band Squeeze, ″853-5937,″ is making a lot of noise on the record charts these days - not to mention people’s phone lines.

In fact, one business here with the number, International Telecenter, has taken to answering its telephone with a cheery, ″Thanks for calling Squeeze line.″

Officials at the marketing company say they have been good-natured about the 60 calls a day they receive from teen-agers asking to speak with Squeeze.

″If one of our two male operators answers, the boppers squeal and shriek,″ company spokesman Tony Murray said recently. ″I guess we’re stuck until the thing comes off the hit parade.″

The song-title phone number once belonged to Squeeze lead singer and guitarist Glenn Tilbrook in England.

Some harassed customers in other area codes have disconnected and switched to other numbers.

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