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Charges Against Hurdler Not Yet Filed, City Attorney Says

January 16, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Shortly after Olympic star Edwin Moses denied charges of soliciting for prostitution and drug possession, a prosecutor said no charges had actually been filed.

″I’m truly mortified by the events of the last few days,″ Moses, 29, said at a news conference Tuesday. ″After an investigation, authorities will see they’re mistaken. I’ve worked hard all my life to build a positive image and reputation. ... I know I’ve done nothing wrong.″

Moses, who twice won a gold medal for hurdling, was one of 82 people arrested during a weekend sweep in Hollywood. The marijuana was discovered in Moses’ car when he was arrested, police said. He was booked on Sunday morning and released on his own recognizance.

But more than an hour after Moses’ talked with reporters, Deputy City Attorney Mike Wilkinson said criminal charges had not yet been filed.

Wilkinson had announced erroneously Monday that Moses was charged with soliciting a female police officer for prostitution and for possessing a small amount of marijuana.Both offenses are misdemeanors.

″As of now, the case is still being investigated for filing,″ and a decision on whether to charge Moses would be made within a few days, Wilkinson said.

″The prosecutor, in this case the city attorney, must feel convinced the person committed the act before filing criminal charges, since it’s a serious matter for any person to be accused of a misdemeanor crime,″ Wilkinson said.

Moses’ news conference lasted only a couple of minutes, and neither he nor his wife would answer questions.

″Due to the advice of my attorney, I can’t say more,″ Moses said.

Meanwhile, ABC-TV called off Sunday’s award presentation to Moses as ″Wide World of Sports″ athlete of the year but later decided to go ahead with the presentation.

Irv Brodsky, an ABC spokesman, said the ceremony was postponed because ″the timing was bad for him to accept that day,″ but later said Moses wanted it to go on as planned.

Moses, who lives in Laguna Hills, 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has won his last 109 races, covering more than seven years.

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