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Cosby Wins Dubious Triple Razzie Titles With AM-Oscars, Bjt

April 11, 1988

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ ″Leonard Part 6,″ Bill Cosby’s $27 million turkey, gobbled up top ″honors″ in three categories in Sunday’s 8th annual Golden Raspberry Awards for the worst films of the year.

″Leonard,″ a comedy that was disowned by Cosby himself, garnered awards for Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay and Worst Actor from the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which parodies the annual Academy Awards scheduled for Monday night.

The Razzie award ceremony was scheduled for 8 p.m. at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the site of the first Academy Awards presentation 60 years ago.

Pop star Madonna captured her second Razzie crown as Worst Actress for her performance in ″Who’s That Girl?″

Daryl Hannah’s Razzie stock dropped as the 175-member foundation voted her Worst Supporting Actress for her role in ″Wall Street.″

Worst New Star and Worst Supporting Actor awards went to David Mendenhall for his role as what the foundation described as the ″insufferably whiny son″ of muscle-man Sylvester Stallone in the arm-wrestling melodrama ″Over the Top.″

Elaine May, who directed the $35 million megabomb ″Ishtar,″ tied for the dubious distinction as Worst Director honoree with author-director Norman Mailer for his ″Tough Guys Don’t Dance″ murder mystery.

Bruce the shark splashed to victory in the new Worst Special Visual Effects and Creature Creations category for his gut-wrenching portrayal of the toothy killer in ″Jaws: The Revenge.″

Bruce, who starred in all four ″Jaws″ sagas, also got his teeth into this year’s ″Worst Career Achievement Award.″

The foundation termed its winner in the Worst Song competition an ″over- heated, obvious ditty.″ ″I Want Your Sex 3/8″ written by George Michael, came from ″Beverly Hills Cop II.″

Winners, if they dare to show up for the ceremony, receive a trophy of a golf-ball size raspberry glued atop a film reel and spray-painted with gold.

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation consists of film professionals and critics, as well as frequent film-goers in California and nine other states.

″There are three basic theories of what qualifies as a Razzie,″ explained John Wilson, foundation president.

″First, Hollywood’s own measure, how much money did it lose? Second, a movie that was not supposed to be a comedy that generated enormous laughs from the audience. ‘Jaws’ was one of those and so was Norman Mailer’s ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance,’ which was laughed off the screen in Cannes.

″The last is how excruciating it is to actually sit through a film. Does someone have to pay you money or bribe you with popcorn? ‘Who’s that Girl?’ fits into that category,″ Wilson said.

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