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List of Hurricane’s Victims in Florida, How They Died With AM-Hurricane Aftermath, Bjt

August 28, 1992

MIAMI (AP) _ The Dade County medical examiner’s office said Thursday that 22 people had died in incidents related to Hurricane Andrew.

Forensic records supervisor Veronica Melton said she expected the number to grow.

Ms. Melton said the following deaths were classified as directly related to the hurricane:

1. Naomi Browning, 12, died when a beam fell on top of her in her bedroom in her south Dade County home.

2,3. Vidal Perez, 49, and Francisco Sospedra, 74, died south of Miami after they were thrown from a storage trailer in which they sought shelter.

4. Robert Moak, no age given, was found in Coral Gables in a canal, a possible drowning victim.

5. Miguel Pulido, 62, of south Dade County, died trying to ride out hurricane when mobile home flipped and he was crushed.

6. Andrew Roberts, no age given, died at a hospital near Homestead after being found crushed in a collapsed home.

7. Claude Owens, 46, of south Dade County, died when roof collapsed.

8. Robert Ramos, 40, of south Dade County, died when he was hit by debris while seeking shelter in a barn after the prefabricated house he was in collapsed.

9. Gladys Porter, 91, of south Dade County, refused to evacuate her mobile home and was found beneath what remained.

10. Mary Cowan, 67, of south Dade County, crushed when her apartment complex was flattened.

11. Harry Boyer, 67, of south Dade County, found in rubble of collapsed retirement home.

12. Jesse James, 46, died when hurricane blew down a large tree fell on a camper-truck where he had taken refuge.


These deaths were indirectly related to the hurricane, Ms. Melton said:

1. Edna Gerry, 81, had trouble breathing and died before rescue crews could reach her.

2. Elaida Vargas, 22, got sick and died before crews could reach her. Her 5-pound male fetus also died.

3. Jose ″Joe″ Saravia, 73, Coral Gables. Died while trimming his neighbor’s fallen trees.

4. Dagoberto Troya, 50, died of a heart attack after seeing his warehouse roof demolished. Rescue crews couldn’t reach him in time.

5. Manuel Rodriguez, 69, died during evacuation to another rest home.

6. Fannie Lytle, 94, died during evacuation to another rest home.

7. Anice Berett, 81, died during evacuation to another rest home.

8. Emma Grace Parker, 74, of northwest Dade County, died when she fell through a seventh-floor apartment window while trying to remove duct tape.

9. Anthony Margiotta, 79, a legally blind man from northeast Dade County, died when he stepped off a seventh-floor balcony that was missing screens as a result of the hurricane.

10. Herman Lucerne, 78, of Florida City, died of a heart attack while trying to get some plywood in his garage.

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