Horicon providing EMS services to Kekoskee

January 16, 2019
The Kekoskee/Williamstown Historical Society building on the edge of the village.

Horicon’s emergency services department is working for Kekoskee now.

As of Jan. 1, Horicon is providing EMS to the expanded village of Kekoskee. The former unincorporated town of Williamstown attached to the village of Kekoskee last fall and EMS services from Mayville’s department ended.

EMS services have been a major factor in the dispute between the city of Mayville and Kekoskee over the village’s expansion. The city’s Common Council voted to end EMS services without another agreement if the state approved Kekoskee’s boundary changes, which it did.

“We do realize there is some delay in some of the response time. We were aware of that when we approached them,” said Don Hilgendorf, the village president for Kekoskee. “We’re doing what we have to do to keep some sort of service in here. Horicon has taken care of three sections in our township for a number of years, so it’s nothing new to them, just that they’re extending it out a little bit further.”

Mayville later made offers to Kekoskee to continue providing services. First, the city requested that the village put a stay on the expansion as Mayville’s appeal on the state’s decision continues through the court system. The village rejected it. The city then made an offer if Kekoskee would agree to a stay in any zoning changes and land splits. Again, the village rejected it. Mayville did not provide another offer.

Now, Horicon is providing services through a “gentlemen’s agreement.”

“They really felt that nobody in this county should not have EMS service,” Hilgendorf said.

He said that the village hopes it won’t be long-term, but that they will be prepared to continue with the agreement if necessary, and that he expects the Horicon Common Council to hear a formal proposal about Horicon EMS next week.

Hilgendorf said that Mayville’s offers with the additional items attached are opening the door to private EMS services coming to the area and that somebody from a private service has already been in touch.

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