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February 25, 1989

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) _ Veteran country and gospel singer-composer Stuart Hamblen, suffering from a brain tumor, was in good spirits after receiving get-well calls from former President Reagan and others.

Those calling to wish the 82-year-old musician well included Reagan and such well-known singing movie cowboys as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, said Armen Markarian, spokeswoman for St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Hamblen entered the hospital two weeks ago complaining of headaches, and the brain tumor was discovered following a battery of tests, said the musician’s spokesman, Garth Hintz.

Doctors weren’t expected to decide whether to operate until later this week, Markarian said. Hamblen was listed in fair condition Saturday.

He is known for such songs as ″Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You,″ ″It Is No Secret What God Can Do,″ Texas Plains″ and ″This Ole House.″


NEW YORK (AP) - American Express refused to replace Dizzy Gillespie’s lost travelers’ checks when the jazz idol could not produce identification.

Gillespie suggested company employees in Los Angeles call his lawyer, Elliot Hoffman, to verify his identity, the New York Post reported Saturday.

″What can we ask this man to prove he’s really Dizzy Gillespie?″ an employee was quoted as asking Hoffman.

″Ask him what comes after ’oo-bop-shabam,‴ Hoffman suggested.

In the words of his classic, Gillespie shot back, ″Afloogle-mop.″

Gillespie, who was in Los Angeles to receive a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, got his checks.


NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Former U.S. Rep. Richard A. Tonry, the first congressman ever to go to prison for violating federal campaign finance laws, has filed for bankruptcy.

Tonry, who resigned from Congress six months after his 1976 election and was indicted less than two weeks later, refused to talk about the Chapter 7 proceedings filed Thursday to liquidate his assets.

Bankruptcy court records show that he went to bankruptcy court after creditors seized some of his property in the wake of a series of court judgments against him and others.

The records showed that Tonry, who was defeated in a state House race in 1983, claimed net income of $78,000 in 1987 and $70,000 in 1988.

The bankruptcy court filing apparently is the second for Tonry, who filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition in October 1980 in connection with business losses of two family owned companies dissolved earlier that year.

That petition listed debts of $4.6 million and assets of $2.6 million, but more than $2 million of the assets was money Tonry was seeking in lawsuits.

The debts included $1.2 million in legal fees, including $700,000 from the 1976 election charges. Tonry said in 1980 that he had not been an officer of either company that went under, but had signed business loan guarantees for his father and brother.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Singer Randy Travis, who worked out this week in California with Arnold Schwarzenegger, says the actor-body builder is a country music buff.

Travis, who has sold more than 6 million country music records in the past three years, said Schwarzenegger invited him for a workout in Los Angeles Wednesday morning before the Grammy awards presentation that night.

Travis and his manager, Lib Hatcher, also had lunch with Schwarzenegger and his wife, broadcast newswoman Maria Shriver.

″He’s a big country music fan,″ Travis said. ″Maria said that’s all he listens to.″

Travis won a Grammy Award for his recording, ″Old 8x10.″


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - The Rev. Al Sharpton was sent to jail Saturday to serve a two-week sentence for obstructing traffic during an April 4 demonstration in support of a black teen-ager who claims she was assaulted by several white men.

Sharpton joined folk singer Pete Seeger, who was jailed Friday on similar charges in the same demonstration on behalf of Tawana Brawley.

″We weren’t going to leave Pete up here by himself,″ Sharpton said after arriving at the Albany County Jail.

Sharpton and seven others were taken to jail following an arraignment at the Albany Police Court before judge Thomas Keegan. He will serve the last 14 days of a 15-day sentence.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall rejected the request of Sharpton, Seeger and the others for a stay of their sentences.

Miss Brawley, a black teen-ager formerly of Wappingers Falls, claimed she’d been sexually assaulted by a group of white men in November 1987. A state grand jury concluded she invented the story.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Actor Patrick Duffy and singers K.T. Oslin and George Strait will be co-hosts of the Academy of Country Music Awards Show April 10 in Los Angeles.

The show will be telecast live on NBC.

Duffy appears on the TV show ″Dallas.″ Oslin is known for her songs ″80s Ladies″ and ″Hold Me.″ Strait’s hit records include ″All My Ex’s Live in Texas″ and ″Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?″

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