LETTER: Trump seems to trust Putin more than U.S. intelligence leaders

February 14, 2019

It is incredible to me that the leaders of our intelligence communities, all appointed by President Trump, all with outstanding records and representing the thousands of professionals within the intelligence community with years of experience, can be called naive, passive and wrong by the president, who says they need to go back to school.

He disagrees with them about Russia’s ongoing efforts to undermine Western democracies, about North Korea, about ISIS, about Syria, and instead seems to be more aligned with Vladimir Putin on all these concerns than with his own government. And, we find out he has had a meeting with Putin with no American translators present and no record of the conversation on our side.

Everything he does with Putin is secret and kept from our intelligence community. Russia knows what is going on, but we don’t. He seems to trust Putin more than his own appointed leaders of our intelligence community. He ties one hand behind our back in all of this while giving Russia not only both hands free, but his own helping hand to them.

You may be glad about conservative judges being appointed, you may share his view on immigration, but are you comfortable with him ignoring the best advice available to him from our intelligence community while instead siding with Putin?

Republican leaders in the Senate and House also disagree with the president in his attacks on the intelligence community, while Putin praises him. How about you? - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City