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Utah Valley Everyday Heroes: Bystanders stepped up to save man who nearly died in Springville pool

Katie EnglandMay 27, 2019

Many people go about doing good deeds in their families, neighborhoods, organizations and church congregations. “Utah Valley’s Everyday Heroes” celebrates these unsung community members and brings to light their quiet contributions.

Mapleton resident Stephanie Davis was settled in to watch a show with the youngest of her four children when she got a phone call no one wants to receive.

Her husband, Mike Davis, had been found unresponsive in the water at the Clyde Recreation Center in Springville. He wasn’t breathing. She needed to get there as quickly as she could. She rushed there, only to find the recreation center in the process of evacuation, with medical personnel working on her husband using a defibrillator and CPR in an attempt to bring back his breath and pulse.

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